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Silver Fox Outfitters
Licensed Outfitter/Guide
53406 Range Road 183
Yellowhead County AB T7E 3T3

Phone: 800-899-5064

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Alberta Moose Hunting


We finished our 2014 season tagging some excellent bulls and many of the guys had multiple sightings and opportunities. A few phone calls to the guys on the reference list will show this to be so. We offer a high quality hunt having a dedicated staff of guides, cooks & hands to ensure that your hunt is a productive and rewarding experience.


This hunt is run from our Famous Carrot Creek Tent Camp in units that allow rifle hunting only in November. This area has good access, limited resident numbers and normally snow to make tracking moose easier. Success rates have fluctuated in the past based mostly on the current weather conditions at the time. One year when conditions were perfect we had 10 hunters tag 10 bulls in 1 week. Another good example was the 1st week of Nov ’13. 1 guides hunters saw 7 bulls with both clients tagging theirs. In 2014 this same guide hunting in poor no snow conditions saw only 1 cow the 1st week. Later it snowed and the 2nd week that guide and client saw 12 moose with 4 bulls and the client tagging out. Because of this we’ve increased the length of the hunt without increasing the price and implemented the trophy fee to show you we’re serious about our guys tagging game. I’m offering a $1,500. discount on this 8 day hunt making the hunt cost $3,090. plus license and tax. To show you that we’re serious about our clients tagging their bull we’ve incorporated a trophy fee paid only if you tag your bull. I limit advertising and sport shows, even printing a simpler brochure to cut costs. This lets me pass the savings on to you. You can add a Whitetail or Elk license to either of these hunts for $800.


You can look up resident success rates for our area at:


All hunts include; pickup, on site meals, tent camp accommodations and 2 on 1 guiding. You can add other species to your hunt for very reasonable prices or upgrade your hunt to a 1 on 1 for only $100. per day. This will be the best deal you’ll find in Alberta.